To pair the headphones with each other, follow the instructions below:

1. Take turned off the left (L) and right (R) headphones (headphone light indicator don't blink).

2. Press and hold the power button of each headphone for at least 5 seconds until you hear voice messages: first, “Turn on”, and then “Pair”. Light indicators at this moment will alternately flash red and white. To speed up the pairing process, we recommend bringing the headphones to each other.

3. Headphones will start to connect to each other. Wait for the voice message “NanoPods connected” to be heard at the headphones and light indicator will flash only white.

4. After that, voice messages “Right channel” and “Left channel” will sound in the right and left headphones. 

Now the headphones are successfully paired with each other and ready to connect to your Bluetooth device (light indicator on the right earphone will flash red and white alternatively).

Connect to a Bluetooth device:

1. Turn on Bluetooth on your device.

2. Open Bluetooth settings menu on your device and search.

3. Select “ELARI NanoPods” from the list of found Bluetooth devices.

4. Click it to connect.

5. The paired headphones will connect to your device and you will hear the voice message “Device connected”.

In some versions need to select "ELARI NanoPods-R" in the Bluetooth settings for pairing.