• Before the first use, charge the case and earphones via a USB cable for at least 30 minutes. During this procedure, it is not recommended to remove the earphones from the case.
  • The earphones are two separate Bluetooth-devices which need to be paired to each other before connecting them to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. This needs to be done once, and after the initial connection, they will pair to each other and connect to the Bluetooth device automatically when you power them on. To pair the earphones to each other please follow the instructionbelow:
  • Take the left (L) and the right (R) earphones in the off state (indicators not blinking).
  • Press and hold power keys of both earphones until you hear first “Power on” and then “NanoPods pairing” voice messages. The indicators of both earphones will start blinking red and white. To accelerate the pairing process, bring the headphones closer to each other.
  • Now the earphones will connect to each other. In the earphones you will hear “NanoPods connected” voice message and indicators will start blinking white only. Then you will hear the voice messages: “Right channel” and “Left channel”. Now the earphones are successfully paired to each other and ready to be connected to your Bluetooth device, and the right earphone will start blinking red and white.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your device. Open Bluetooth settings and search for new devices. Choose “Elari NanoPods Sport” from the list of Bluetooth devices. Complete the connection. You will hear “Music source connected” voice message in the earphones.

NOTE: You can also use еach earphone as a sound source in mono mode, if you prefer that, by connecting them separately as «Elari NanoPods Sport-L» or «Elari NanoPods Sport» (without pairing the earphones with each other).